Discussion 2.0

Sequiturs is a platform for robust, civil discussion of arguments on any topic.

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New tools for thinking clearly

Arguments are presented in a rigorous, digestible format, as a series of premises and conclusions.

Collaborate on coherence

Arguments can be commented on, challenged by other arguments, and revised.




For the public

Sequiturs is a better way to discuss online.


Users submit links or text for the community to discuss.


Arguments are efficient for starting discussion, because authors must say something substantive and coherent.


The argument format simplifies a position to an outline, making it easier to understand.


Comments and challenges must identify which part of the argument they respond to, so the conversation stays focused.


Sequiturs is a community that values facts, logic, and treating people with respect.


In-app and email notifications inform you when someone responds to your contributions.

For your site

Upgrade the discussion on your site by embedding Sequiturs.

Setup in 60 seconds

Create a channel, type in your site's URL, and add our snippet to your site's HTML.

Moderation tools

Keep spam and inappropriate content out of the discussion.

For the classroom

Clear writing comes from clear thinking. Use Sequiturs to teach both.


Create a group for your class.


Only those you invite to the group can see its activity.


Use prompts to give assignments to the group.

See what better online discussion looks like