Teach critical thinking and writing with Sequiturs

Sequiturs is a tool for humanities classes at the graduate, undergraduate, and secondary level.

Teach how to interpret a text

For reading assignments, assign your students to write up their interpretation of the author's argument, on Sequiturs. Sequiturs supports these assignments with a featured called Prompts. Discuss the results in the next class meeting.

Teach how to structure a paper

For writing assignments, assign your students to outline their argument on Sequiturs. With the Revisions feature, they can iteratively develop a coherent structure, before writing the paper itself.

Instructor and peer feedback

Sequiturs enables a rich discussion through comments, challenges, and revisions of arguments.




A dashboard for your class

Create a group for your class. View all activity for the class on the group's page.

SecureOnly those invited to the group can see its activity.

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