Sequiturs’ mission is to help people understand each other better. People have differing perspectives and beliefs. They see ‘why’ differently. We want to make it easier to figure out what's held in common and where views diverge. We believe this is the way to a more enlightened, empathetic world.

In this mission, the right tool makes all the difference. Sequiturs uses the logical argument: a series of premises and conclusions. This format encourages a position to be broken down into a coherent progression of simple steps. Compared to unstructured text, the argument format makes clearer what is being asserted and why, and makes it easier for someone who disagrees to identify what they disagree with. The conversation is more effective for all.

Sequiturs aspires to cultivate a community around these values:

  • Empathy. We are human beings. At Sequiturs, we take after an idea attributed to Goethe: if we treat people as they are, we reinforce what they are, but if we treat people as if they were what they ought to be, we help them to become what they are capable of becoming.
  • Civility. There's no argument that cannot be made respectfully. If someone falls short of this standard in a discussion, we value taking the high road and leading by example.
  • Rigor. We value precise language and source citations.
  • Integrity. We value truth-seeking over ‘winning’. We believe in presenting the strongest possible version of opposing views and forthrightly acknowledging the weaknesses of one's own views.

The internet needs such a community, an inspiring demonstration of the discourse that is possible, given an ethos and the right set of tools. The world needs such a community—it is crying out for a more thoughtful, rational, factual exchange of views, so that we may better understand each other and relate to each other.

This vision guides Sequiturs.

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Who we are

Ian Hinsdale

Welcome! I'm the founder of Sequiturs. I am profoundly motivated by the potential of Sequiturs to be something good and useful to the world. In spring 2013, I decided not to pursue graduate study in philosophy and instead to become a software engineer in order to make Sequiturs. My email address is ian@sequiturs.com. I'd love to hear from you.

Rory Dahl

Rory joined Sequiturs in 2017 as a software engineer. He studied philosophy at Georgetown University and the University of Pittsburgh.